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Device Definitions

This GSA FWA Device Ecosystem Company Directory only includes companies involved in the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Device Ecosystem. It is important therefore to define what a FWA Device (and hence what the FWA Device Ecosystem) is.

Only suppliers related to the production of devices conforming to following definition are included in the directory:

A FWA Device is defined as being any device including a 3GPP based modem used to provide broadband connectivity to a building (residential or enterprise). The device may include additional functionality such as Home Gateways, or WiFi Routers, Desk Phones, FXS Ports, or may be restricted to the access modem only. A FWA Device may also include Fixed Access Modems such as xDSL in addition to a 3GPP modem for Hybrid scenarios or the device may be restricted to 3GPP access only

In this directory, FWA Devices are split into two families, “CPE” which are defined as AC powered devices designed for continuous 24 hours broadband connectivity, and “Battery operated devices” which are defined as devices including batteries designed specifically for nomadic or sporadic usage of broadband connectivity (e.g. MiFi or Pocket Hotspot).

Within this directory, we further divide the “CPE” family into 4 distinct product types

  1. Indoor Sub 6GHz CPE (FR1)
    • Used for any type of 4G or 5G Indoor AC powered FWA device, that supports frequencies up to 6GHz
  2. Outdoor Sub 6GHz CPE (FR1)
    • Used for any type of 4G or 5G Outdoor AC powered (typically via PoE) FWA device, that supports frequencies up to 6GHz
  3. Indoor mmWave CPE (FR2)
    • Used for any type of 5G Indoor AC powered FWA device supporting any mmWave frequency
  4.  Outdoor mmWave CPE (FR2)
    • Used for any type of 5G Outdoor AC powered (typically via PoE) FWA device supporting any mmWave frequency

With the additional 5th product type of

5. Battery Operated Hotspot (e.g. MiFi, Mobile Hotspot)

It is hoped that this directory shall provide a quick reference to any reader seeking companies producing devices for the most common of deployment scenarios. Further product details should be obtained directly from the companies in question via the listed “Enquiries” contact on the company profile.

For clarity, the following 3GPP based devices are excluded from this directory and are not part of the definition of

  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Devices.
  • 3GPP Based Desk Phones or DECT Base Stations that do not provide broadband connectivity to the building
  • Smartphones
  • Industrial IoT Routers
  • Devices without integrated 3GPP antennas
  • Devices with Serial Interfaces or Edge Compute Capabilities
  • Narrowband (e.g. NB-IoT, Cat-M1/2, Cat-1) devices

Where companies have additional 3GPP based products outside of this definition of an FWA Device, the additional product categories are identified on the individual company pages.

The companies listed in the chipset and module sections of this directory produce specific 3GPP based 4G/5G chipsets or modules that are suitable for inclusion in any of the 5 FWA product types listed above. Additional chipsets/modules designed for other devices, e.g. smartphones etc are not included in this directory.