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Spectrum Assignment

Launch GAMBoD

Vast amounts of data can be filtered and searched

Tens of thousands of 4G and 5G devices can be found in the devices database and filtering this data by device type, technology feature sets, and spectrum is a major benefit in GAMBoD. Check what spectrum is being used or what technologies have been deployed by which operators. Results can be displayed as a list or in charts/graphs that can be exported to be used in your own reports or presentations, providing GSA is referenced as the source.

  • Potentially the most valuable resource you will every use
  • Six searchable databases with advanced filtering
  • 4G-5G Devices including smartphones, IoT, FWA CPE etc.

Public & Private Networks deployments globally

Public mobile networks from hundreds of mobile network operators have been in GAMBoD for many years and can be searched regionally or by country, as well as by the different technologies these networks support and by what spectrum the operator is using for 4G or 5G where it is disclosed.

We are now also tracking Private Mobile Networks and the PMN Working Group Partner is supporting continued research into this growing mobile segment.

  • Over 1,400 networks variants tracked
  • 2G-3G sunsetting tracked and reported
  • 6G technology will be added as the standard progresses

Recent Updates

  • FWA launches and detailed Member report outlining progress
  • The growing interest in millimetric wave spectrum
  • New 5G Advanced deployments