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    C-Band Spectrum Auctions – January 2020

    C-Band Spectrum auctions/allocation trends Prepared by GSA based on data from the GSA 5G Spectrum Auction Tracker. Since 2015 GSA…

    Spectrum | GSA Snapshot
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    C-Band Spectrum for 5G – October 2019

    C-Band Spectrum has been licensed to 64 operators for 5G C-Band Spectrum (n77, n78: 3.3-4.2 GHz) is used for LTE…

    191024 C-Band-01
    Spectrum | GSA Snapshot
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    SPECTRUM: Use of C-Band (3400/3600-4200 MHz) for Mobile Broadband in Hungary, Italy, Sweden & UK

    June 19, 2015 – [1.9 MB] Use of C-Band (3400/3600-4200 MHz) for mobile broadband in Hungary, Italy, Sweden and the…

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