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    5G Devices Ecosystem Report with Devices Annex. March 2020

    5G Device Ecosystem Report with Devices Annex This full report has access limited to GSA Members and Associates. Key facts on 5G Device Ecosystem A flurry of device launches (all originally timed to coincide with MWC 2020) meant a big leap in the number of announced 5G devices in February and early March. In January 2020, the number of announced 5G devices exceeded 200 for the first time; by early March over 250 devices had been announced. By mid March 2020, GSA had identified: sixteen announced form factors (phones, head-mounted displays, hotspots, indoor CPE, outdoor…
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    5G – The next paradigm shift to embrace

    This presentation was given by Mr. Chaobin Yang, President of 5G Product Line at Huawei at the NGMN Industry Conference &…

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    3300 4200 MHz: A KEY FREQUENCY BAND FOR 5G

    3300-4200 MHz: A KEY FREQUENCY BAND FOR 5G. Now freely available for download by all registered GSA users. This C-Band 48 page report is an extensive look at the 3300-4200 MHz frequency and for 5G. This GSA White Paper addresses the importance of C-Band spectrum range for 5G networks and the societal benefits that follow from early and widespread deployment of 5G in this range. It is intended to help national administrations and policymakers who are considering this frequency range for IMT identification – as well as those who have decided in its favour and…
    Spectrum | GSA Report
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