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    5G Device Ecosystem Report: February 2020

    5G Device Ecosystem Report February 2020 Key facts on 5G devices During 2019, the number of announced 5G devices grew rapidly, starting with a few announcements and then gathering pace as operators in various parts of the world launched their first commercial 5G services. In January 2020, the growth has continued with the number of announced 5G devices exceeding 200 for the first time. By the end of January 2020, GSA had identified: sixteen announced form factors (phones, head-mounted display, hotspots, indoor CPE, outdoor CPE, laptops/notebooks, modules, snap-on dongles/adapters, routers, drones, robots, tablets, TVs, a…
    5G | GSA Report
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    3300 4200 MHz: A KEY FREQUENCY BAND FOR 5G

    3300-4200 MHz: A KEY FREQUENCY BAND FOR 5G. This 48 page report is an extensive look at the 3300-4200 MHz frequency and for 5G. The report is available for download by GSA Member companies and Associates who subscribe to the broader GSA resources, including the GAMBoD databases. An unrestricted Executive Summary of this report is available to download here. Industry Regulators or Government Policy makers who are not GSA Associates should email to request a copy of the full report. This GSA White Paper addresses the importance of 3300–4200 MHz spectrum range for 5G…
    Spectrum | GSA Report
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    5G – The next paradigm shift to embrace

    This presentation was given by Mr. Chaobin Yang, President of 5G Product Line at Huawei at the NGMN Industry Conference &…

    5G | Presentation
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