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    Gigabit LTE Networks – Analysis of Deployments Worldwide

    The latest update to Gigabit LTE deployments worldwide. 295 operators in 125 countries are investing in at least one of…

    LTE-Advanced Pro | GSA Report
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    Gigabit LTE: Global Status – December 2019

    Gigabit LTE Global Status – December update. GSA has identified 110 operators in 66 countries or territories investing in all…

    LTE-Advanced Pro | GSA Snapshot
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    3300 4200 MHz: A KEY FREQUENCY BAND FOR 5G

    3300-4200 MHz: A KEY FREQUENCY BAND FOR 5G. Now freely available for download by all registered GSA users. This C-Band 48 page report is an extensive look at the 3300-4200 MHz frequency and for 5G. This GSA White Paper addresses the importance of C-Band spectrum range for 5G networks and the societal benefits that follow from early and widespread deployment of 5G in this range. It is intended to help national administrations and policymakers who are considering this frequency range for IMT identification – as well as those who have decided in its favour and…
    Spectrum | GSA Report
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