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    5G Market Status: Snapshot January 2020

    5G Market Status 61 COMMERCIAL 5G NETWORKS IN 34 COUNTRIES Nearly 10% of all LTE operators have now deployed 5G;…

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    Evolution of LTE to 5G – October 2019

    Evolution of LTE to 5G: October 2019 Key market facts There are: 900 operators actively investing in LTE, including those evaluating/testing and trialling LTE and those paying for suitable spectrum licences (excludes those using technology neutral licences exclusively for 2G or 3G services). 777 operators running LTE networks providing mobile and/or FWA services in 228 countries worldwide. 204 commercial VoLTE networks in 94 countries and a total of 268 operators investing in VoLTE in 120 countries. 311 launched LTE-Advanced networks in 136 countries. Overall, 341 operators are investing in LTE-Advanced technology in 143 countries. Ten…
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    Global LTE, 5G – Market growth and forecasts

    Global LTE, 5G By the end of 3Q 2019 there were nearly 4.98 billion LTE subscriptions worldwide. – Based on…

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