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    5G Private Networks Qualcomm Presentation October 2020

    5G Private Networks Qualcomm – October 2020 The 3GPP put the spotlight on industry expansion in July with 5G NR…

    5G | Presentation
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    5G SA August 2020: Member Report

    5G SA August 2020: Member Report. With the recent announcements of the first launches of 5G standalone networks, 5G has moved into a new era, and so has GSA. We will no longer be simply tracking ‘5G’ deployments and technologies, but will now be monitoring and documenting the emergence of the next generation of 5G networks, those independent of LTE, as well as the devices that can support them. Operator trials and launches 5G standalone networks can be deployed in a variety of scenarios: as an overlay for a public 5G non-standalone (NSA) network, as a…
    5G | GSA Snapshot
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    FWA Database November 2020: Member Excel File

    FWA Database November 2020: Member Excel File Introduction As technology has improved, operators have been turning to mobile networks to…

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