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    • Qualcomm-Web-Round-New

    AI-native Communications System Design – Qualcomm presentation

    AI-native Communications System Design – Qualcomm presentation Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an ever-present topic in recent news, captivating headlines…

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    Other | Presentation
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    • Qualcomm-Web-Round-New

    Global-5G-Spectrum Update July 2023 – Qualcomm paper

    Global-5G-Spectrum Update July 2023 Spectrum is the backbone that carries all voice and data in wireless communications. It is a…

    Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 12.06.39
    Spectrum | Presentation
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  • EMR Monetization Jan 2023_hero_graphic_2880x1200
    • ericsson-circle

    5G-Monetization – Ericsson Mobility Report

    5G-Monetization – Ericsson Mobility Report In many of my recent interactions with communications service providers, sustainability and revenue growth have been…

    5G | Member Report
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