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Drayson Technologies and Radisys Corporation join GSA

Global mobile Suppliers Association welcomes Drayson Technologies and Radisys as new Members


27 April 2016: Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) are pleased to welcome Drayson Technologies and Radisys Corporation as new GSA Members. They join a growing number of companies driving mobile and wireless industry initiatives with the support of GSA.

“The mobile industry is expanding as new technologies and solutions such as small cells and the Internet of Things bring us closer to the fully networked Mobile Broadband society,” said Joe Barrett, President, GSA. “Radisys and Drayson Technologies are examples of companies who are addressing technology deployment issues and are delivering highly technological solutions to their customers. We look forward to them making good use of GSA resources and the support of other Members to help grow their businesses”.

“The vendor community is critical to helping mobile operators and service providers evolve their networks as they seek to improve service agility and enhance the overall subscriber experience,” said Brian Bronson, President and CEO, Radisys. “Joining GSA provides us access to a comprehensive knowledge base of network deployment activity, while bringing greater visibility to our products and integrated solutions for next-generation mobile network infrastructure and service delivery.”

“As the number of connected devices in use continues to grow, Freevolt™, our RF energy harvesting technology, offers an effective solution to how these billions of devices are powered”, said Lord Paul Drayson, CEO and Chairman, Drayson Technologies. “Our membership of the GSA presents us with a large community where we can share our knowledge and develop further innovative applications for Freevolt and the low-energy Internet of Things.”

GSA Membership is open to all companies and individuals that supply products or services to the global mobile industry. GSA membership categories can include, but are not limited to, network vendors, semiconductor suppliers, test equipment manufacturers, application developers, device manufacturers, companies providing support services and mobile consultants.

About GSA
GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) represents GSM/EDGE/WCDMA-HSPA/HSPA+, LTE/LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced Pro and future 5G suppliers. GSA brings together a global industry community of telecoms professionals through its website, reports, information papers and practical activities to inform, influence, educate, explain and promote the opportunities enabled by mobile broadband systems. The GSA website has over 70,000 registered users for knowledge gathering and information sharing of key facts, trends and analysis, and over 25,000 connections using our social network platforms LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Over 1 million GSA reports, presentations, information papers, maps, charts and other resources were downloaded from over the past five years.





About Radisys Corporation

Radisys helps communications and content providers, and their strategic partners, create new revenue streams and drive cost out of their services delivery infrastructure. Radisys’ hyperscale software defined infrastructure, service aware traffic distribution platforms, real-time media processing engines and wireless access technologies enable its customers to maximize, virtualize and monetize their networks. For more information about Radisys please visit

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About Drayson Technologies

Drayson Technologies is led by CEO and Chairman Lord Paul Drayson and is a development stage electronics and software company headquartered in London with offices in Silicon Valley focused in the field of wireless energy transfer. Drayson Technologies is exploiting a new proprietary technology, called Freevolt™ that “harvests” energy from ambient wireless radio frequency networks, (Wi-Fi, Cellular, Broadcast TV) to power low-energy electrical devices and eliminate the need for cable charging or changing batteries. The initial implementation of Freevolt RF energy harvesting is in the CleanSpace™ Tag, a personal air pollution smart sensor that is totally portable. For more information on Freevolt please visit

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By Joe Barrett On 27th April 2016