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GSA Launches New LTE Broadcast Report, calls for inputs to new survey

GSA is undertaking new research into the development of LTE Broadcast based on eMBMS technology and appropriate video compression and transport technologies. We have commissioned Innovation Observatory – an independent analyst company – to carry out a programme of surveys and discussions with relevant individuals and organisations.

The first stage of the research is an online survey of the GSA community (operators, vendors, industry experts and others), and we would very much appreciate your help. If you can spare around 10 minutes, please help us by completing the survey at

We will provide you with a copy of the completed research in Q4 of this year. All the research will be confidential. Innovation Observatory will use the survey data to help model the opportunity for LTE Broadcast, and to prepare a new report for GSA, to be published in October 2015. None of the information from the research will be attributed to any organisation or individual without explicit permission in advance. If you would like more information about the research, please contact Simon Sherrington or Danny Dicks at Innovation Observatory.

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The LTE Broadcast report will promote the benefits of deploying LTE Broadcast in the network including basic network efficiencies, explore and discuss use cases and monetization opportunities, demonstrate demand and promote investment in order to facilitate wider understanding and stimulate more rapid development of the LTE Broadcast/Multicast ecosystem including the manufacture of eMBMS-capable chipsets and user devices, and applications/solutions that can be deployed by mobile network operators. The breadth of use cases to be explored will include, but not be limited to, broadcasting at stadium and other large- scale public events, efficient wide area TV distribution (free-to-air or pay TV), digital signage, digital media updates, Apps updates, use by emergency services and public safety operations, and many more.

Four network operators are sponsoring the report. GSA is inviting additional sponsors to provide direct contributions to the report. To discuss these opportunities further please contact Alan Hadden via email:

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By Joe Barrett On 19th August 2015