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New GSA Report: Internet of Things at Mobile World Congress 2016

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2016 was the chance for the wireless community to get together and discuss the most important issues in the industry. The Internet of Things was one of the most dominant themes of MWC 2016, in part because IoT is likely to drive much of the growth in the telecoms sector over the next few years, and also because network technologies are being developed and networks architected to support both massive machine-type IoT connections and mission-critical IoT applications.

This short report entitled “Internet of Things at Mobile World Congress 2016” looks at some of the main themes, announcements and issues that emerged during the event. Innovation Observatory was commissioned by GSA to research and write the report, which was published today.

Cellular operators are concerned to find out how they can make money from IoT. They will be encouraged by the momentum building behind cellular connections to devices, driven by work on standardization, and the willingness of chip-set and module makers to adopt this connectivity.

But cellular connections are only a part of the picture and many in the IoT value chain do not much mind whether wireless carriers provide connectivity or not. The next two years will be critical in the development of IoT for the mobile industry.

Danny Dicks of Innovation Observatory, the report author, said, “Among the most interesting things that came across for me at MWC was the way that supply relationships between wireless operators – and with their key vendor partners – may change with IoT, because IoT platforms, services and applications are often delivered globally, and traditional interconnect and wholesale models may not apply.”

Alan Hadden, VP of Research, GSA said, “The whole mobile telecoms industry knows how important IoT is going to be. This report will help frame the discussions that are needed to ensure that networks and services work effectively, and that progress is made on some of the core issues including business models, interoperability and education of the marketplace.”

The Internet of Things at Mobile World Congress 2016 report from GSA is free to download by registered site users. Please Login or register on to download the report PDF file.

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By Joe Barrett On 3rd March 2016