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Plum Consulting London LLP becomes GSA Associate

Growing number of organisations including analysts, mobile industry regulators and policy-makers subscribing to the GSA GAMBoD database as go-to source for 5G industry data

London, UK – 11 March 2019. The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), today announced Plum Consulting London LLP had become a GSA Associate joining an increasing number of companies, analysts, regulators and policy makers who are subscribing to the GSA’s mobile industry database GAMBoD – GSA Analyser for Mobile Broadband Data.

he GSA Analyser for Mobile Broadband Data is a unique search and analysis tool, developed by GSA, to enable searches of mobile broadband devices and now includes new global data on Mobile Broadband Networks, Technologies and Spectrum – NTS.
The LTE Devices database can be searched by supplier, form factor, features, peak downlink and uplink speeds, and operating frequency. The NTS (Networks, Technologies & Spectrum) database can be searched by MBB technology, feature, UE category, downlink speed, spectrum bands used and can be segmented by region. Results are presented as a list or in charts. Charts may be inserted into documents or presentations, subject to accreditation of GSA as the source.

“With so much interest and focus now on 5G and the road to commercial deployments, having access to reliable and independent data has never been more important for anyone trying to get a clear picture of the industry landscape,” says Joe Barrett, President of GSA. “GAMBoD is a unique mobile broadband search and analysis tool for GSA Members and Associates and has been expanded from tracking the availability of 4G/LTE devices to include Operator Networks, the Technologies and Features used and Spectrum deployed. 5G networks launches as well as 5G devices are part of the 2019 GAMBoD development making it the go-to source for the latest 5G industry data.”

A video explaining the GAMBoD database is available at

About GSA
GSA is the voice of the mobile vendor ecosystem representing companies engaged in the supply of infrastructure, semiconductors, test equipment, devices, applications and mobile support services. GSA actively promotes the 3GPP technology road-map – 3G, 4G, 5G – and is a single source of information resource for industry reports and market intelligence. The GSA Executive board comprises ofEricsson, Huawei, Intel, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Samsung with representation for other members including Viavi Solutions and ZTE.

GSA Membership is open to all companies participating in the mobile ecosystem and operators, companies and government bodies can get access to GAMBoD by subscribing as an Associate.  More details can be found at
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About Plum Consulting London LLP
Plum Consulting is a leading independent consulting firm, focused on the telecommunications, media, technology, and adjacent sectors. We apply extensive industry knowledge, consulting experience, and rigorous analysis to address challenges and opportunities across regulatory, radio spectrum, economic, commercial, and technology domains.


By Joe Barrett On 18th March 2019