GSA Snapshot: 5G NTN and the status of satellite connectivity

Satellites are rapidly gaining prominence in the world of cellular communication technology, as outlined in Release 16, 17, and 18 of the 3GPP roadmap, and the extent to which 5G NTN will complement terrestrial-based phone services and enhance user experiences are currently being explored.

While satellite-based use-cases are currently limited, this burgeoning industry is taking its first step towards a long-term evolution, akin to the evolution of terrestrial networks from first-generation services to 5G experiences.

At the GSA, we are tracking the development of 5G NTN by collecting data on Satellite Operators, MNO partnerships, Compatible Devices/Chipsets, and Spectrum, as it continues to evolve.

In this GSA Snapshot Webinar, the GSA Research Team unveil the latest global data on the following topics:

  • Mapping the development of 5G NTN and different implementation models of satellite connectivity visible in the market today
  • Tracking the increasing number of Satellite/MNO partnerships, listed by Satellite Vendor
  • Tracking the number of MNOs partnerships by use-case, including satellite-to-cell-phone, fixed broadband, IoT, Voice Services, Mobile Backhaul, etc.
  • The number of countries worldwide with Operators who have planned 5G NTN coverage
  • The frequency bands currently owned or in use by Satellite Operators and identified for 5G NTN

Watch on-demand replay below.