GSA Insight: Mid-band spectrum and the long-term 5G opportunity

Mid-band, which can provide both citywide coverage and large capacity, has been chosen by most operators for initial 5G deployment globally. What is the best practice, and what are the unsolved issues for IMT mid-band deployment in the APAC region?

Globally in excess of 200 operators in more than 100 countries/territories have started their commercial 5G deployments in mid-band spectrum. Across APAC, many countries have already licenced spectrum at 2.3, 2.6, 3.5 and 4.9GHz for 5G. As operators in the APT region launch commercial deployment of mid-band 5G services, there is a growing focus on spectrum allocation, incumbent clearance/mitigation in order to release more mid-band spectrum for 5G in next 1-2 years.

Against this backdrop, this GSA Insights Webinar will examine the best practices being pursued by regulators and operators and address the issues that must still be addressed in order to maximise the economic value of IMT mid-band deployments.

This GSA event brings together regulators who have licenced mid-band, operators and industry companies who have experience in mid-band deployment in APAC and other regions to share their views, experiences and plans.

What you will learn:

  • Global trends and the regional status in APAC of 5G in mid-band spectrum
  • Economic value of 5G mid-band spectrum
  • Mid-band spectrum allocation experience, mitigation techniques such as coexist with FSS
  • 5G ecosystem in mid-band
  • 5G C-band and Altimeter
  • The need for additional bands for IMT

Speakers will include:

  • APT – Liu Ziping, Deputy Secretary General
  • Axiata – Siti Hajar Md Saad, Senior Specialist, Spectrum Policy
  • China Mobile Research Institute – Zhang Xiaoran
  • CTIA – Doug Hyslop, Vice President, Technology and Spectrum Planning
  • Ericsson – Hakan Ohlsen, Director, Standards & Industry, APAC
  • GSA – Stuart Cooke, Chair of GSA Global Spectrum Team
  • GSMA – YiShen Chan, Director, Spectrum (Asia Pacific)
  • NBTC – Saneh Saiwong, Senior principal engineer & senior expert
  • Nokia – Mirela Andouard, Director govt relations & public affairs
  • TMG – Geraldo Neto, VP technical and policy

The full set of presentations are also available for download here.