GSA Snapshot: Private Mobile Networks 2022

The demand for private mobile networks based on 4G LTE and increasingly 5G technologies is being driven by the spiralling data, security, digitisation and enterprise mobility requirements of modern business and government entities.

Organisations of all types are combining connected systems with big data and analytics to transform operations, increase automation and efficiency or deliver new services to their users. Wireless networking with LTE or 5G enables these transformations to take place even in the most dynamic, remote, or highly secure environments, while offering the scale benefits of a technology that has already been deployed worldwide.

This GSA Snapshot Webinar will draw upon GSA’s latest research to share global market insights including the types of organisations and sectors deploying private LTE and 5G networks, spectrum approaches being adopted by regulators around the world, and countries’ national spectrum plans for local private mobile networks.

What you will learn:

  • What defines a Private Mobile Network
  • The number of customers for Private Mobile Networks to the end of June 2022
  • The countries and companies leading adoption of PMN’s
  • Countries setting spectrum aside for local private networks
  • Types of organisations driving uptake
  • Strength of 5G versus 4G

Bonus takeaway:

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the latest GSA report: Private Mobile Networks – market status update.