The 5G story so far: 5G Spectrum, networks and devices in 1H 2021

As the mobile industry prepares to come together, physically and virtually, for Mobile World Congress 2021, GSA will reveal the latest global status of 5G deployment and commercialisation.

Against an unprecedented backdrop of a global pandemic and economic disruption, the mobile industry has continued to see more spectrum allocated to 5G, more networks deployed, and more devices become commercially available; a momentum that has been mirrored in the growth in 5G subscriptions around the world.

This GSA Snapshot Webinar will draw together the latest global GSA data research to unpack the true state of 5G spectrum, networks and devices at the mid-point of 2021.

What you will learn:

  • The state of spectrum assignment/auctions around the world
  • How much money 5G-relevant auctions have been earning
  • The global usage of low-, mid- and high-band spectrum for 5G services
  • The status of operators’ evolution from 4G/LTE to 5G networks
  • Speed of migration to 5G Stand Alone networks
  • Emerging use of 5G for private networks
  • Analysis of 5G chipset and device availability

You can download the presentation here.

Watch the webinar.