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    Global Agreement on 5G – GSA Press Release

    GSA Welcomes Global Agreement on 5G Global regulators at WRC-19 identify mmWave spectrum for 5G services Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt, 22nd November…

    191122 WRC-19-01
    5G | Press Release
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    Asia Pacific – adds half a billion+ new LTE subscriptions

    Asia-Pacific region adds more than half a billion new LTE subscriptions in a year 22 March 2018, London –  The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) confirms that LTE now accounts for more than a third of all mobile subscriptions globally (35.7%).  The latest data, provided to GSA by Ovum, reveals that there were 2.8 billion LTE subscriptions around the world at the end of December 2017, compared to 1.96 billion subscriptions a year earlier. The fast growth of LTE subscriptions is expected to continue over the next five-year period. According to the Ovum data, LTE…
    LTE | Press Release
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    ZTE Joins GSA

    GSA PRESS RELEASE ZTE joins Global mobile Suppliers Association December 2017: The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) is pleased to announce that ZTE Corporation, a global leader in telecommunications and information technology, has joined GSA. Joe Barrett, President, GSA said: “We are very pleased to welcome ZTE to GSA membership and look forward to working with them to further promote their interests along with the interests of other GSA member companies. GSA is clearly making an impact in the mobile industry; our membership is increasing, as are web site user registrations, content.  Companies also are…
    Other | Press Release
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