GSA Analyser for Mobile Broadband Databases

    Data covering 4G & 5G Devices, Networks, Technologies, Spectrum, Chipsets. GSA research data is stored in GAMBoD and can be accessed by GSA Members and GSA Associates.


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    GSA has been supporting the mobile ecosystem since 1998 and the GAMBoD database was added in 2009.

    GAMBoD initially tracked mobile devices but has been expanded to provide the latest information on Networks, Technologies and Spectrum deployed globally. GAMBoD is a web-based search and analysis tool and is updated monthly or quarterly depending on the progress of the industry in different segments.

    4G and 5G Devices database can be searched by supplier, form factor, device (UE) category, features, peak downlink and uplink speed and operating frequency. Results can be presented as a list or as charts.

    The Networks-Technologies-Spectrum (NTS) database can be searched by technology, network feature, device category supported, downlink and uplink speed and spectrum bands used. Results can be filtered by regions and are presented as a list or as charts.

    Spectrum allocation and use is of growing industry interest and many Members and Associates find this data to be a valuable resource.

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  • The Operator Profiles database covers the majority of mobile network operators globally and provides the ability to search for individual operator details based on publicly available information.

    The Operator Profiles databases is expanded as new technologies come to market. 5G network deployments are tracked monthly by the GSA research team and Non-Stand-Alone (NSA) and Stand-Alone (SA) networks are covered.

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  • Chipset Database

    The GAMBoD Chipset database details products from a range of suppliers who are key to delivering these key components to the mobile ecosystem.

    New functionality and research activity is added to the GAMBoD platform annually and GSA takes recommendations from Members and Associates on what areas of the industry the GSA research should focus on.

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For more information on access to GAMBoD as a GSA Member or Associate please email

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