• The GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum recognises the important role 3GPP-based 4G-5G FWA technologies play in offering a fast, economically attractive and future-proof alternative to deploying broadband services, particularly for rural and less densely populated areas.

    In 2023, the Forum launched the FWA Ecosystem Directory with a list of devices for FWA service.


    Forum Partners and Members can upload their products to the directory to promote their FWA devices.

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  • As of End of March 2024, there were 55 GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum members covering the majority of the infrastructure, chipset, module and CPE value chain for FWA.

    One of the main deliverables has been a 4G-5G FWA Ecosystem Catalogue, which is now in its 11th iteration and promotes a wide range of FWA devices, chipsets and modules. The Forum delivers an annual CPE Survey report to help the industry better estimate the real market size of the 4G-5G FWA market. The 2023 survey report is available to download now here.

    In addition, plenary events featuring a wealth of speakers from mobile operators, regulatory bodies and the equipment supply industry all discussing and debating a wide range of key FWA industry topics are organised in order to promote 4G-5G FWA adoption for the benefit of citizens and businesses worldwide. On-demand recordings of all the online Plenaries are available here.

    The sixth, and most recent Plenary was co-located with Network X (Paris: 25th October 2023). The workshop, titled 4G-5G FWA: best practices for monetization and closing the digital divide, brought together speakers from Three UK, Imagine Broadband and FWA Forum members representing the vendor value-chain. You can access the full set of presentations from the event here.

    Participation in the GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum is open to all companies involved in the 4G-5G FWA Ecosystem.

    email admin@gsacom.com for more information

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  • GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum Objectives:

    – To promote the 4G-5G FWA industry and suppliers
    – To track and report on 4G-5G FWA deployments
    – To promote 4G-5G FWA CPE products and features
    – Set up working groups to deliver on the objectives
    – Expand 4G-5G FWA Ecosystem Globally
    – Increase 4G-5G FWA Deployments

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  • 55 Members
    FWA Forum members
  • Latest FWA Reports

  • Modern city with smart 5G
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    FWA Device Ecosystem Company Directory V11

    FWA Device Ecosystem Company Directory Issue-11 The Fixed Wireless Access Device Ecosystem Directory contains an overview of the growing number…

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    Capturing the 5G FWA opportunity: Ericsson white paper

    Capturing the 5G FWA opportunity: A household view. Download here. How fixed wireless access for households capture the connectivity market.…

    Fixed Wireless Access | Member Report
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    • SAMENA 196 round

    SAMENA-Council Newsletter – the case for FWA

    SAMENA-Council Newsletter – the case for FWA The Case for Fixed Wireless Access As part of the Q1 SAMENA Newsletter,…

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  • FWA_update_Nov22
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    FWA Market November 2023

    FWA Market November 2023 GSA has been tracking the market for fixed wireless access (FWA) to determine the evolving extent…

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  • Background
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    GSA 4G-5G FWA-Forum Workshop

    GSA 4G-5G FWA-Forum Workshop 4G-5G FWA: best practices for monetization and closing the digital divide. FWA has emerged as a…

    Fixed Wireless Access | GSA Presentation
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  • 1811065 LTE to 5G full-01
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    FWA-Ecosystem Catalogue Issue 10

    FWA-Ecosystem Catalogue Issue 10 The Fixed Wireless Access Device Ecosystem Directory contains an overview of the growing number of companies…

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  • Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 10.37.29
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    Fixed-Wireless-Access Survey 2023

    Fixed-Wireless-Access Survey 2023 The purpose of the GSA 4G–5G FWA Forum is to educate the industry about the fixed wireless…

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  • Public_Networks_and_Operators-aspect-ratio-1152-915-aspect-ratio-1152-915-aspect-ratio-1152-915
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    Public Mobile-Networks July 2023

    Public Mobile-Networks July 2023 – now including data from Opensignal As of the end of May 2023, GSA’s data showed:…

    5G | GSA Snapshot
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  • sami-takarautio-UZOpP-YHe9Q-unsplash-aspect-ratio-1152-915
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    FWA Device-Ecosystem Company-Directory Issue-9

    FWA Device-Ecosystem Company-Directory Issue-9 – added Telit 1st July 2023 The Fixed Wireless Access Device Ecosystem Directory contains an overview…

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  • FWA_update_Nov22
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    GSA-FWA Market June 2023- Update 2

    GSA-FWA Market June 2023-Update 2 Update 2. A small change has been made with updated figures the number of launched…

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  • Gigabit_LTE_Dec22-aspect-ratio-1152-915
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    FWA-Ecosystem Catalogue February 2023 – Version 8

    FWA-Ecosystem Catalogue February 2023 – Version 8.2 – Mobot removed as no longer part of the Forum The Fixed Wireless…

    Fixed Wireless Access | GSA FWA Directory
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  • Cover
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    GSA Research-Report Calendar 2023

    GSA Research-Report Calendar 2023 The GSA Research Team carries out extensive industry research into the development and deployment of 3GPP technology and the progress of the global ecosystem of devices, networks, chipsets and spectrum. Industry data is uploaded to the GAMBoD databases on a monthly basis and reports are published on a regular timeline as shown in the Research and Report Calendar. Summary reports are free to download by all registered website users and Member reports with more data and GAMBoD facts and figures can be downloaded by GSA Member companies and Associates who subscribe…
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  • FWA Device-Ecosystem Company-Directory Issue-11

  • GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum Device Ecosystem Catalogue – April 2024

    The GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum Device Ecosystem Catalogue contains an overview of the growing number of companies involved in the 3GPP Fixed Wireless Access Device Ecosystem.
    Companies are grouped according to where they sit in the ecosystem (ie. Chipset Suppliers, Module Suppliers or Device Suppliers)

    For each company a single page overview of who they are and where further information can be obtained is provided.
    A simple overview of all Fixed Wireless Related products being marketed at the time of issue by each company is also included.

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  • GSA 4G -5G FWA Forum’s Contribution to EC State Aid Guidelines Consultation

    Representing the 4G-5G FWA industry voice, the GSA FWA Forum naturally participated to the public consultation about European Commission´s (EC) proposed update to the EU´s Broadband State Aid Guidelines (BBGL).

    The Forum supports the inclusion of FWA as an additional technology to close the digital divide in Europe. FWA offers a fast, economically attractive and future proof alternative to deploying broadband services, in particular for rural and less densely populated areas where there is a connectivity gap and fiber deployment costs are high.

    The full contribution of the 4G-5G FWA Forum can be consulted on our website.

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  • GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum’s
    FWA CPE Market Annual Survey

    FWA Survey September 2023

    The purpose of the GSA 4G–5G FWA Forum is to educate the industry about the fixed wireless access (FWA) market. There are currently no agreed market definitions, there is a lack of market information and no consensus about the volume of FWA device shipments and FWA installed base globally.

    GSA’s annual FWA CPE market survey aims to address these issues. It was first conducted in 2021 and this report presents the findings of the 2023 survey, where data was collected from May to June 2023. A total of 27 vendors of customer-premises equipment (CPE) from the GSA 4G–5G FWA Forum answered the survey.

    GSA defines FWA as indoor or outdoor CPE that is AC-powered and designed for continuous 24-hour broadband connectivity on a fixed location. Battery-operated devices designed specifically for nomadic or sporadic use of broadband connectivity, such as MiFi or pocket routers or hot spots, are excluded from this definition. Industrial-grade and large enterprise-grade CPE and routers are also excluded.

    The results present the aggregate answers of those 27 CPE vendors. We estimate that this is a significant representation of the market for 3GPP-based 4G and 5G FWA devices. Please note that the sample sizes and participant companies differ slightly from year to year, so caution is advised when drawing comparisons.

    Participants in the survey included: Asiatelco Technologies, Askey, BEC Technologies, Casa Systems, Compal, Da Ta Technologies, Elsys, Gongjin Mobile Communication/T&W, GosuncnWelink Technology, Green Packet, Huawei, Inseego, Intelbras, Jaton Technology, MeiG Smart Technology, MiWire, Nokia, Notion InfoTech, Oppo, Shenzhen Jointelli, Smawave Technology, Tozed Kangwei, Vantiva, Wavetel, WNC, YaoJin Technology and Zyxel.

    The survey is intended to be repeated annually to create a baseline of data about the global 4G and 5G FWA market. This report presents a summary of selected survey findings.

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    The GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum Plenaries are designed to bring together regulators, operators, vendors and industry analysts to identify and share best practices around fixed wireless access with the mission of nurturing the FWA ecosystem globally and encouraging 4G-5G FWA deployments. We aim to hold two events each year for which video replays are available.

    GSA Snapshot Webinar: Global status of 4G-5G FWA
    28th November 2023

    4G-5G FWA: Best practices for monetisation and closing the digital divide
    25th October 2023 @ Network X
    Download presentations

    Plenary of 14th June 2023

    Plenary of 16th November 2022

    Plenary of 10th May 2022 –

    Plenary of 27th Oct 2021 –

    Plenary of 31st March 2021 –


    FWA Forum Plenary
    19th June 2024 @ 09:00-11:00 (UK time)


    The GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum brings together leading chipset, module, and terminal vendors – as well as other telecommunications industry representatives, who wish to promote 4G and 5G FWA technology, products and services – to report on progress of FWA deployments, identify use cases and encourage global adoption.

    For companies interested to join us, please fill in the form to the right and we will get in touch shortly with you to introduce what we do in more details and share our Terms of Reference.

    • GSA will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you about your specific enquiry. For more information about our privacy practice, please read our Privacy Policy.

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