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  • 180205-Gigabit-top-01
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    Gigabit LTE Networks: Analysis of Deployments Worldwide

    GSA confirms 306 operators in 130 countries are investing in at least one of the three key Gigabit LTE component…

    LTE-Advanced Pro | GSA Report
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  • nasa-53884-unsplash
    • ZTE-Circle-Logo

    Considerations for 5G Deployments – ZTE article

    5G will not only bring much faster access rates, but also penetrate into every corner of the world through flexible…

    5G | Member Report
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  • 180524-Ecosystem-01
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    VoLTE and ViLTE: Global Market Update

    GSA announces 253 operators are investing in VoLTE in 113 countries, including 184 operators with commercially launched VoLTE-HD voice service…

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    • SensaFili-Round-196x196-01

    Wi-Fi and 5G redefine wireless – Intel Sponsored white paper

    Convergence creates a pervasive connectivity fabric. This paper overviews the evolution of Wi-Fi and how it addresses the new connectivity…

    5G | Industry Article
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  • 180801-Digital-Top-01-01
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    Spectrum for 5G Networks: Licensing Developments Worldwide

    GSA is aware of 50 countries/territories that are formally considering introducing certain spectrum bands for terrestrial 5G services, are holding…

    Spectrum | GSA Report
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    • avatar-gsa-circle-white@3x

    Internet of Things Networks – GSA Snapshot – January 2019

    By mid-January 2019, the number of deployed or launched NB-IoT networks had doubled in 12 months: 78 operators in 45…

    170210 Evolution to NB-IoT
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    LTE Frequency Band continued update – January 2019

    LTE, LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro services are deployed in many licensed spectrum bands from 450 MHz to 3.7 GHz. The…

    Spectrum | GSA Snapshot
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    • avatar-gsa-circle-white@3x

    LTE NotSpots: Global Update and Changes – January 2019

    LTE NotSpots tracked since November 2018. LTE network launches have been announced in countries including Bangladesh, Libya, Mali, Mozambique, St…

    LTE | GSA Snapshot
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    • avatar-gsa-circle-white@3x

    Networks, Technology & Spectrum Database update – January 2019

    The Networks, Technologies & Spectrum (NTS) database can be searched by Mobile Broadband technology, feature, UE category, downlink speed, spectrum…

    GSA Global | GSA Snapshot
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  • 180124-Vegas-01
    • Arvani-Group-Card-Logo

    Arvani update report on CES 2019

    Arvani update on CES 2019 This Arvani update report on CES 2019 covers the annual pilgrimage of tech enthusiasts that…

    GSA Global | Report
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  • pawel-nolbert-291146-unsplash-darker
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    Evolution from LTE to 5G: Global Market Status – Updated March 2019

    Evolution-LTE-5G GSA is reporting there are now 871 operators investing in LTE with 201 operators investing in 5G. 2018 saw the continued introduction of LTE to more markets and regions around the world. Although already very widely deployed, it is still being introduced and several countries have recently announced LTE services. By the end of 2018, GSA had identified 712 operators running LTE networks providing mobile and/or fixed wireless broadband services in 213 countries worldwide. This compares with 645 operators at the end of 2017. GSA is aware of another 117 companies trialling, investing or…
    5G | GSA Report
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    • 180704-QUB-196x196

    Power Allocation for Multi-Way Massive MIMO Relaying

    We consider a multi-way decode-and-forward (DF) relaying network with very large antenna arrays at the relay station. In this system, each user…

    Other | Member Report
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    Global 5G Status – Snapshot: January 2019

    Global 5G status update from GSA – January 2019. By mid-January 2019 GSA had identified 2010 operators, in 83 countries,…

    5G | GSA Snapshot
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  • 170403 LAA-01
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    LTE in Unlicensed and Shared Spectrum: Trials, Deployments and Devices

    LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum – GSA announces thirty-two operators investing in LAA across 21 countries. Six of these have announced…

    LTE Unlicensed | GSA Report
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    LTE & 5G in Asia & the Pacific – Snapshot

    LTE and 5G continues to be developed in Asia and the Pacific region. LTE has been launched by 154 operators…

    LTE | GSA Snapshot
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