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    Ericsson Mobility Report June 2020 – Update

    Ericsson Mobility Report June 2020 – Update. The first months of 2020 saw the spread of a novel coronavirus around…

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    Evolution from LTE to 5G – May 2020

    Evolution from LTE to 5G LTE is a global success, with nearly 5 billion subscriptions and connecting over 55% of mobile users worldwide and it is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever. LTE is specified by 3GPP as a single global standard for paired and unpaired spectrum users. The vast majority of the standard is the same for FDD and TDD. LTE has evolved through various 3GPP technology releases covering the introduction of LTE-Advanced and then LTE-Advanced Pro that have significantly improved the capabilities of LTE networks. From 3GPP Release 15 onwards, the community…
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    Private LTE & 5G Networks Report: February 2020

    Private LTE & 5G Networks Report: February 2020 The deployment of private mobile networks has emerged as an important market. In fact so important that the market could – according to Arthur D Little – be worth as much as €60–70 billion by 2025. This implies rapidly growing adoption among the 14–15 million potential sites for private LTE networks identified by Nokia last year in an interview with EnterpriseIotInsights. The demand for private LTE (and increasingly, 5G) networks has been driven by the spiralling data requirements of modern business and government entities. Organisations of all…
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